Mercedes Dealer in Montreal Offers Six-Month Lease Pull-Ahead

There’s something undeniably exhilarating about being behind the wheel of a new vehicle.

Maybe it’s an attraction to the unknown.  Perhaps it’s the thought of reconquering roads with the added power and responsiveness of a newer model.  Maybe it’s as simple as breathing in the pleasant aroma of clean, new leather surfaces.

Whatever the reason, Silver Star Mercedes-Benz, the leading Montreal Mercedes dealer, wants customers to experience that exhilaration sooner.

With Silver Star’s six-month lease pull-ahead, lessees need not wait for their current lease to end to get a fresh start with a new Mercedes-Benz.  Customers can trade in their current vehicle and Silver Star will waive the final three lease payments.  As if that weren’t enough, the first name in Mercedes dealers in Montreal will also make the first three payments on the new vehicle.

Those unconquered roads are calling.

Vehicles currently available from Silver Star Mercedes include the B-Class, C-Class and ML-Class lines.  Payments on the B-Class start at $399 per month with $0 down and are eligible for an additional $500 cash back.  C-Class vehicles start at $525 a month with $0 down.  Payments for the ML-Class start at $698 a month with $6850 down.

Silver Star would also like to reward loyal clients with exclusive lease rates – 0.5 percent lower than the usual rate.  The B-Class starts from 1.5 percent, ?C-Class from 2.4 percent?, and the ML-Class from 2.4 percent.

For more information on rekindling the excitement of driving with Silver Star’s six-month lease pull-ahead, visit:

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